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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

The Continental School District provides a challenging and stimulating environment for gifted students by offering appropriate learning opportunities that may be different from the regular classroom program in content, product, process, depth, pace, and breadth of study.

Gifted educational opportunities are designed to strengthen the students to the fullest extent possible in the realization of their potential. The program provides opportunities for all participating students to learn and to advance their unique potential. The program provides gifted students learning experiences relating to their responsibilities to their peer, school, community, and world.

The Continental School District is committed to providing an education for gifted students that helps them develop their abilities. We recognize that gifted students in this district have unique values, needs, and talents. We have designed the gifted program to promote the optimum development of each student's intellectual, emotional, and social abilities and to honor the diversity among the identified gifted students. Differentiated curriculum instruction and various opportunities for enrichment address this diversity of talents and needs. Click on each of the titles below to learn more about our gifted and talented program.

Gifted Population Description

Screening, Indentification, and Placement

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