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Employee Purchases


A purchase order must be issued PRIOR to any expenditure being made with district funds.   A requisition is submitted through the Visions Accounting Program to start the purchase order process for all funds.

**PLEASE NOTE:  The Business Services Office requires 3 to 5 business days to process expenditure paperwork after it has been received by the Accounts Payable. **


The Requisition Form is required of anyone who is interested in purchasing items through the business office. 

Please make sure to fill out all of the required fields on this form. 

  • Description, part number (if there is one), quantity, and unit price. 
  • Tax and Freight are automatically filled in for you, please do not remove these fields. 
  • The account code field is for the business office to fill out so you can leave that blank.  

Form should be filled out in  ALL CAPS.

 The bottom of the form needs to have pertinent information filled out. 

  • Requester name 
  • Vendor name 
  • Vendor contact information. 
  • If you know what fund you will be using you can also put that information in at the bottom of the form. 

​Please do not print this form out and bring it to the business office.  The form needs to be submitted as an excel worksheet so Accounts Payable can import it into the financial software. 


  • For those of you using Tax Credit funding you will also need to submit a Justification Form.  

  • For those using Student Activities you will need to submit minutes and a list of students from your club meeting. There is a sample minutes form here.

  • For those making a purchase that is $10,000 or more you are required to obtain at least 3 quotes.  You will need to fill out the Quote Summary Form to accompany the 3 quotes.

  • For those requesting a Sole source justification you will need to fill out the Sole Source Justification Form.  This should be submitted to the Board for approval.

  • In the event of an emergency procurement, you will need to fill out the Emergency Procurement Form.  This should be submitted to the Board for approval.


***As a reminder.  No purchases can be made prior to a Purchase order being in place.  This is considered an after the fact purchase and the business office has a no tolerance policy in this regard.  


If anyone has any questions or needs additional help in filling out the requisition form please feel free to contact Norma Dorame