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Return to School Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

Please review the flowing information on this page and fill out the response form by Friday, July 24, 2020.  The results will be gathered and presented to the Governing Board to help the District make informed decisions regarding staffing and classroom configurations.


Continental Elementary School District #39 will offer two Ready to Learn options.  

‚ÄčAs the district receives additional information some of the following guidelines may change.

  1. On-site In-Person Learning this also consists of Digital learning (Registered Continental Students) *Digital learning will be used until we are able to return to on-site In-Person Learning.
  • Traditional school setting following social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety and well being of students.  Outlined in our sites COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan)
  • Students and staff will be trained on best practices pertaining to social distancing, handwashing, sanitation, face coverings, and PPE
  •  Staff will participate in mandatory covid19 training.
  • Students will remain in their cohorts when they are transitioning, at recess, at lunch, or at any other special activity outside the classroom.
  • Desks will be spaced 3 - 6 feet unless otherwise prohibited by large class sizes.
  • Students will be required to wear masks when on the bus, out of their desks in class or transitioning to lunch, recess, restroom breaks, nurses’ office, etc. (masks may be optional as we move through the phases of daily school operations-as COVID cases decrease)
  • Teachers will wear face shields and masks.
    • Face shields when teaching a direct lesson and masks when assisting students or transitioning around the school.  


  1. Digital Learning - Lessons presented and monitored by Continental Staff (Registered Continental Students) *Students must remain on Digital Learning for a minimum of one quarter.
  • Students will participate in Digital Learning with clearly defined expectations and responsibilities for staff, students, and parents. 
  • Second Grade student Chromebooks have been ordered and will be issued as soon as they are received by the District.
  • Az State Standards will be taught at current grade-level standards, with required assessments and benchmarks. Requirements for all content areas and all assigned work will be graded, with specific due dates. 
  • Curriculum used will be the current district approved curriculum utilizing the District’s suite of Google applications for content delivery - Reading- K-5- Expeditionary Learning; 6-8 Collections; Math K-8 Go Math, Science & Social Studies- Beyond Textbooks Resources aligned to Az State Standards, Use of IXL for all content areas including Spanish, Newsela for Expository Text- reading and writing all content, which includes a Social-Emotional component, with regularly used additional resources
  • Teachers will pre-record lessons and Google hangout meetings will be recorded for any time anywhere viewing. 
  • Grade level teachers will determine the structure of workload ie., Reading instruction (Mon. & Wed), Math instruction (Tues. & Thurs.)