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The Trust - COVID Parental Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form

Continental School District No. 39

Governing Board                                                                                   Address

Andrew McGibbon, President                                                                1991 E. White House Canyon Road

Sergio Arellano, Clerk                                                                            Green Valley, Arizona 85614

Shelley Kais, Member                                                                            Telephone: 520.625.4581

Stephen Oesterle, Member                                                                     Fax: 520.648.2569

Richard Ulery, Member                                                                


Roxana Rico, Superintendent

DeAnna Cuevas, Principal

Steven Lathen, Director of Student Services

Greg Schubert, Director of Business Services

Dear parents and guardians,

Attached please find a form entitled, COVID-19 Parental Acknowledgement and Disclosure. It is important that you read it carefully, sign it, and return it to us before the start of school.

At a time when so much misinformation is circulating, we want you to clearly understand your responsibilities—and our objectives—when it comes to the safety of your child and our teachers, administrators, and staff.

While the form may seem long and detailed, the messages are those you’ve heard before:

  • You must take your child’s temperature every day before school. (A temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is considered a fever.)
  • If your child is sick, they must stay home.
  • For safety reasons, parents and guardians will not be allowed on campus past the drop-off area unless there is an emergency.
  • If your child comes into contact with someone who may have COVID-19, or who tests positive for COVID-19, you must let us know.

The form also confirms the school’s and district’s intent to:

  • Monitor students for symptoms that could indicate a coronavirus infection, and if they do show symptoms, to call you right away to pick them up and take them home.
  • Remain aware of changes in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and to follow the guidance of the CDC, the county health department, and the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Thank you for being our trusted partner and for helping us stay vigilant against this very serious illness.


Roxana D. Rico