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Spanish Immersion

Continental School District is continuing its Spanish Immersion classes this school year. This is the sixth year that Continental will incorporate Spanish Immersion into the school curriculum. The immersion program offers children an opportunity to learn and be challenged by the use of the Spanish language. Not only do kids learn a second language, but students also find that other skills and brain development are enhanced by the additional stimuli a second language presents. Immersion also enables students to interact with others while gaining a greater understanding of and respect for another culture.

The goal for students will be to achieve a level of exposure to a new language by listening, speaking, and communicating in both English and Spanish. All students in immersion receive the same curriculum and have the same standards as all other students in the same grade.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the United States, and continues to be a leading language in international business as well as local trade. 

Years of research studies document the importance of language immersion education. These studies recognize the value of immersion in helping students achieve a high level of language proficiency. These studies have also shown that younger children thrive in this type of learning environment.

Parent Responsibilities

What can parents do to help children succeed in the Spanish immersion class?

  • Commit to participation in the immersion program long-term so that your child can develop advanced-level language skills.
  • Develop an understanding of immersion education.
  • Read with your child in English 20–30 minutes a day.
  • Encourage the use of the Spanish language outside of school.
  • Encourage community support.
  • Enjoy the challenges and celebrate the results.

Contact Information

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