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Building for the Future: Learning, Cooperating and Caring


“I will continue to work closely with the Pima County Superintendent, Pima County Treasurer and all legislative members to ensure a fix. 
Local districts do not have authority over laws mandated by the state legislature.” – Roxana Rico, Superintendent

Message from Pima county about tax property

For more information, please contact:

House of Representatives:
Lupe Diaz - 602-926-4852
Gail Griffin - 602-926-5895

David Gowan - 602-9265154




Special Education Records for former Continental students with a birthday from the years 1995 to 2005 will be destroyed on October 5, 2023. If you would like a copy of your student's records, please contact the SAIS clerk via email at


Roxana Rico

Message from the Superintendent


Dear Continental Colts, Families and Community Members,

I would first and foremost like to extend a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for another successful school year.  It continues to be a pleasure to serve you. 

We are an “A” school and in analyzing our Spring data, we are hopeful that we will maintain our “A” status.  I am so proud of the amazing GROWTH that all of our students have demonstrated this year. 

We will all continue to work diligently to ensure we maintain and increase student achievement in order to keep our “A” letter grade next year, as well as apply for an A+ of Excellence Award.  We will continue to offer amazing clubs, tutorials, sports and academic support for all students in order to provide a well-rounded education.  

Focus will remain on hiring and retaining qualified staff, ensuring quality curriculum and a safe, respectful and orderly environment in order for ALL of our students to reach their highest potential.  

We will also continue to deliver on our MISSION and VISION Statements:  
Continental School District will provide a community environment in which all individuals are challenged to achieve excellence in academics, character, and life skills.

Building for the Future - Learning, Cooperating, and Caring for all.    

In addition to our current research-based ELA and Math curriculum programs we are excited to be adding an approved ADE Character Education program - Leader In Me. This is a program based on Covey’s work on highly effective people.  Please review the program components on their website

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at or our Principal, Mrs. Deanna Cuevas, at  

Together we are here to serve and we are so proud of the students and families that make us COLT STRONG! 

I am excited about our continued journey of excellence TOGETHER! Have a safe and relaxing summer and don’t forget to continue reading and writing this summer. Looking forward to hearing about all your summer adventures! 


Mrs. Roxana Rico 

Your Very Proud Superintendent





Please click here for the ADE Statutory Handbook of Parental Rights


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