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Continental Home page
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Welcome to Continental Elementary School District No. 39

Continental School District No. 39, home of the Continental Colts, has served families in the Green Valley area since 1916. Continental School’s name came from the Intercontinental Rubber Company, established in the area at the request of President Woodrow Wilson, during World War I. Our unique location, at the base of Madera Canyon, offers unobstructed views of the truly unique desert landscape. The district has always been committed to educational excellence and celebrated its 100th year in 2016.

Green Valley was established as a retirement community in the 1960's and now boasts a thriving population of over 21,000 people. While Green Valley is still predominately a retirement community, there are approximately 200 families whose children attend Continental School. Our school and the community work hand in hand for the betterment of the community and the students at Continental. Our students benefit from the experiences of a wide range of community and parent volunteers who actively assist with a variety of clubs, special programs, after-school sports, and activities. This special bond between our students and our many volunteers make our district a truly unique place to be.

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Teacher Salary Increases

In accordance with A.R.S. §15-903(E), amended by Laws 2018, Ch. 285, §10, all local education agencies are required to publish the following information: 

  • Average teacher salaries for FY 2019 (budget year): $43,884
  • Average teacher salaries for FY 2018 (prior year): $40,361
  • Increase in average teacher salary from prior year: $3,523
  • Percentage increase: 9%

AzM2 Spring 2019 Scores

Please view our AzM2 testing scores for Spring 2019.

Math Scores:

Grade Number of Students Tested Percent Passing
Grade 3 59 54%
Grade 4 71 55%
Grade 5 61 69%
Grade 6 73 36%
Grade 7 71 30%
Grade 8 63 37%

ELA scores:

Grade Number of Students Tested Percent Passing
Grade 3 5939%
Grade 4 70 49%
Grade 5 61 61%
Grade 6 73 34%
Grade 7 71 42%
Grade 8 63 33%

Classroom Spending Report

During the Fiscal Year 2017, Continental spent 55.3% of our available operating dollars on instruction. We invite you to view the entire report on the Arizona Auditor General’s website.