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After School Activities Funded By Tax Credit Donations


Here at Continental we are interested in all aspects of our students’ development. Our desire is to Our Kidsprovide an environment where everyone is challenged to achieve excellence in academics, character, and life skills. To that end, we offer many after school activities, paid for with school tax credit donations. Some of our most popular clubs are: 

  • Builders Club - Middle School - Lunch meetings
  • Chamber Orchestra - Middle School - Tuesday and Friday before school
  • Civics Club - 8th Grade
  • Cursive Club - Grades 4-5 - Mondays after school
  • Sewing Club - Grades 4-5 - Tuesdays after school
  • Spanish Club - Grades 3-5 - Mondays after school
  • Garden Club - Grades 3-5 - Thursdays after school

The school tax credit donations also fund other activities including our sports program, music program, and Civics Club.


Continental offers a wide variety of sports during the school year.

First Quarter

  • Girls Volleyball - Middle School
  • Flag Football - Middle School co-ed
  • Cheerleading - Grades 5-8 co-ed
  • Cross Country - Grades 5-8 co-ed

Second Quarter

  • Boys Basketball - Middle School
  • Girls Soccer - Middle School
  • Cheerleading - Grades 5-8 co-ed

Third Quarter

  • Wrestling - Grades 5-8
  • Boys Soccer - Middle School
  • Girls Basketball - Middle School
  • Cheerleading - Grades 5-8 co-ed

Fourth Quarter

  • Boys Baseball - Middle School
  • Girls Softball - Middle School
  • Track and Field - Grades 5-8 co-ed
  • Cheerleading - Grades 5-8 co-ed

Our school is a member of the Southern Valley League and competes against Altar Valley, Anza Trail, Apollo, Challenger, Chaparral, Emily Gray, Lauffer, Sahuarita, and Sierra Middle Schools. You can contact our athletics director, Steve Lathen, at (520) 625.4581 ext. 7400.


Continental School has a long-standing tradition of outstanding music education for all grade levels. We offer music classes for kindergarten through fifth grade students as well as band for middle school students. Please feel free to visit the Music Department’s very own website. Come and visit often so you can stay up-to-date with all of our latest news!

Civics Club

We designed our Civics Club to encourage students to join together to serve their community. This club is also the avenue whereby our eighth grade students are able to go to Washington, D.C., in the spring. While there, they visit museums, national monuments, and government buildings. This trip is the grand finale of their eighth grade year and exposes them to an intense, hands-on experience of our nation’s history, government, and cultural diversity.