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Business Office Forms


  • The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with guidance regarding the District’s expenditure policies and procedures to ensure a mutual understanding of your responsibilities as an employee of the Continental Elementary School District.  These policies have been developed according to Arizona Revised Statutes and the Uniform System of Financial Records and will be enforced by the business office.

Business Forms

  • Cash Collection Form
    • A Cash Collection Form is required for all deposits made via the business office. 
      • The top of the page with all pertinent information needs to be filled out. 
    • You are required to provide backup for all deposits made. 
      • Required forms of backup are sequentially numbered receipts via receipt books or a Stand Sheet
    • You are also required to make copies of any checks received as well as indicate the day the check or cash is received.
      • The business office has additional receipt books if needed. 
    • A cash form with an appropriate backup should be turned in to the SAIS/SPED Clerk. 
    • The district has 5 days from the date of receipt of cash or checks to make a deposit. 
      • ***Employees are expected to turn in cash/check ASAP.  Holding cash or checks in your room is strictly prohibited.  


  • Check Request Form
    • Check Request form should be used when requesting payments made from the revolving fund.  This is generally used when requesting reimbursement.
  • Overnight Travel


  • Equipment Disposal Form
    • ​​A Disposal Form is required for all items you are requesting disposal of . 
    • Please do not move items from the designated pickup locations. 
    • Information regarding Tag # is required for all items over $1,000. 
    • The form should be turned into Maintenance Department.  Maintenance will schedule a time to pick up items once the form is received.



  • Fundraising Request Form
    • The Fundraising request form should be filled out and submitted for board approval before holding any fundraiser.
  • Gift Card Signature Form
    • Gift Card Form is required for any gift cards purchased via the business office and distributed to parents, students, staff, or community members.  
    • One form per card should be filled out.
    • A recipient Signature is required.
    • Gift Card purchase limits are maxed at $50 per recipient.
  • Request for Funds Form
    • The Request for Funds form should be filled out and submitted to the business office whenever someone is requesting Undesignated Tax Credit or White Elephant Funds.
  • Requisitions
  • Employee Conflict of Interest​​​​​​​
  • Sports Officials Form
    • The Sports Officials Form should be used when requesting payment to sports officials.  Please submit to the Athletic Director for Signature.