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District Information


Our school is located in the small retirement community of Green Valley. Originally established in the Continental School No. 391960's to be a community of Homeowner Organizations (HOA), it now boasts a thriving population of over 21,000 people. While still predominately a retirement community, it now serves almost 200 families. Our school and retirement community work hand in hand for the betterment of Green Valley. Our students benefit from the many ‘elders’ who volunteer their time and expertise, making our district a truly unique place to be.

Continental School has served the community of Green Valley since the early 1900's. Our name comes from the Continental Rubber Company, which grew various crops in the area to the east. Although we are located in the desert southwest, Green Valley gets its name from the many mature pecan trees that grow in our area, providing a brilliant, green contrast to the desert landscape around us.

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