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COVID Info 2021-2022

Continental Elementary School District #39. COVID-19 information Dashboard

    • If a person who reports a lab-confirmed positive was on campus during his/her contagious period, as defined by health officials, the school principal will notify the staff and families of the positive case. The case is added to the dashboard and reported to the Pima County Health Department.
    • If a person who tests positive was not on campus during his/her contagious period, the principal does not send out a notice. The positive case is still added to the dashboard.
    • As always if your children are not feeling well at all please refrain from sending them to school.
    • Masks are optional but highly encouraged.
    • State and federal laws protect staff and student privacy.


    • The District will not share names or identifying information about individuals, except to the Pima County Health Department, as required.
  • Please refer to:

    1. Free Pima County testing sites, register online.

    2. Walgreens is offering free COVID testing for ages 12+

    3. CVS offers testing through their Minute Clinic locations.

    4. Your child’s doctor or pediatrician’s office.

    5. Our School nurse provides free rapid COVID testing by appointment. Please contact her at

    520-625-4581 ext 7346.

    Note:  Please be patient and wait for a callback, as our nurse is busy tending to Continental students throughout the day. She will get to your call and emails in the order received as soon as she is able. We will not be accepting walk-ins.  If you do call the health office please make sure to leave a message. 



  • Parents of close contact students will be notified as soon as the school site has identified them. The school site works to do this within the hour of a confirmed case on campus. 

    Parents will be asked to promptly pick up their children from school as they will need to quarantine. 

    Close contacts must be reported to the Pima County Health Department. Pima County Health Department will contact families with questions and possible further guidance.

    Per Pima County Health Department, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated close contacts must remain at home and be excluded from school and extracurricular activities. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated close contacts who remain asymptomatic may return after day seven upon providing documentation of a valid negative COVID-19 test collected on or after day 5 of the quarantine.

  • According to the Pima County Health Department, individuals who were within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes of the confirmed case during a 24-hour period (“close contacts”).